Computing in the recent times has seen an exponential growth that has resulted in varied developments. This has led to improving business processes and the way information is accessed by common users. Many innovative tools have come up and text to speech software needs a mention in this regard. Introduced around 20 years back, text-to-speech technology implies a robotic sound which reads out the online text to the users.

This technology works in an interesting manner which involves sound recording by a voice actor. With the help of coding, the audio or sound recorded by voice actor is then broken down into phonemes. The popular methods used for making text to speech software workable are as follows:

  • HMM
  • USS

This guide intends to throw light on the working and development of typical text to speech software along with the benefits and its usage. So without shelling out any more space, let us peep into the working of this tool.

Benefits of using text to speech tool

Lots of talking has been done regarding the text to speech software but there are some other useful aspects of this tool also. Let us quickly have a look into what else can this software do to ease your work and save your time:

  • Available across various mobile platforms so your phone’s OS is not a limitation at all
  • Not only this tool reads out loud the text but also converts your documents into audio
  • You can even keep a record of the audio by downloading it
  • You can hear the text in more than 30 languages
  • Your blogs can also be converted into speech

How these text to speech tools are used?

Using this tool is easier than anything else and you can check out the steps below:

  • Pick the language from this list in which you want to listen to the text
  • Choose to hear a male or female voice
  • Choose the pace of audio from slow, regular or fast as per your convenience
  • Paste the text you wish to hear to in the textbox provided and press the play button

This is how typical text to speech software will work effortlessly. Though, functionality and some features may differ but largely the deliverance of results in terms of audio remains the same.

Text to speech apps for phone

In the present times, lots of emphasis is placed upon using the tools which doesn’t waste your time at all. Though you can use such tools on your PC yet there are some apps which work efficiently on your phone also. Check out the apps which can be downloaded easily on your phone:

  • Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader
  • WordTalk
  • Panopretor Basic
  • Natural Reader
  • Balabolka

To sum up the utility and significance of this text to speech software, it has now become easier to see how a machine can spell out the text written, akin to the way a human brain functions.