Planning on designing a wedding blog? If you’ve already set up your domain, installed WordPress and WordPress hosting, you’re probably in need of ideas for how to organize your wedding blog. The task of designing can be a little overwhelming considering that wedding blogs are some of the more intricately designed blogs you’ll ever browse. To help you come up with a strong decision, here’s a list of inspirational wedding blogs you can use to come up with your own unique layout.

1. Scrollable Carousel

Designs lead by a scrollable carousel always works well for photo driven blogs. This format is offered by many WordPress hosting vendors via a plugin and is easy to pull off.  100 Layer Cake opens up their blog with this format to allow their visitors to browse through featured content. They of course use high quality photography to lead into each post and to describe the topic it’s going to cover. Everything else is pretty standard in terms of how the content is presented.

2. Pinterest-Style Card Based Design

Pinterest is a popular site for newly engaged couples, so why not build a design based on the site?  Wedding Sparrow’s card based design only takes up the space it needs and allows you to ensure that all of your content is presented to your users. It’s also an interesting and fun way to present your content, especially if it’s going to be visually driven like most wedding blogs.

3. Targeted Navigation

At first glance, Rustic Wedding Chic looks like a normal blog targeted for couples getting ready for a wedding. However, what they do different from other blog is to call out their audience and provide them a path they can follow based on their situation. They have three main links below their featured story which is a beginner’s guide for newly engaged couples, budgeting ideas for couples looking to save money, and an advice column to cover everything else.

4. Color Driven Advice

Many people are being more adventurous with their wedding themes and colors. Going strictly with the traditional black and white theme is becoming a thing of the past. The Perfect Palette realizes this and offers a palette of colors that readers can choose from on the right hand side of the main page. Once a color is chosen, content, wedding ideas and photography that involves the color or is built around the color is presented to the reader.

5. Classic Minimalist 

When you’re using high quality photography, you don’t have to worry about making your layout stand out. BrklynBride uses a white background with a lot of white space across all the widgets and content areas. The result is a blog that allows you to focus on the photography and main posts without all the bells and whistles distracting you. This obviously depends on high quality photography and great content to carry the site design, so make sure you have that covered.

6. Search Driven Layout

The Wedding Community is a wedding blog that helps you find advice on everything from bridal wear, honeymoon destinations, to wedding themes. Rather than present random content to their users, they put a search bar on the top of the fold to allow users to find exactly what they want. This may not be ideal if you have a small site, but if you have a larger site it may makes a lot of sense to implement a search function on your main page to help users find what they need.

7. Categorized by Theme

What’s great about My Wedding is that they’ve focused on allowing users to search based on the wedding theme. On the right hand side, there is a category link as well a search bar to find content related to the type of wedding the user is thinking about. The only criticism is that it should be placed closer to the top of the page to target users that have something in mind and don’t want to wade through random content to find what they’re looking for.

8. Icon Based Links

Belle The Magazine, does something unique by building navigation around image icons. For example, a small image of a bouquet is there to lead readers to content about flower arrangements and bouquets. A picture of a ring is used to lead users to ideas for wedding rings. This arrangement adds a lot of context to the navigation which is very different from what other wedding blogs are doing.

Those are just a few of the layouts you can use for your wedding blog. One of the common problems that you see with many wedding blogs is that they inundate the readers with tons of links, widgets and ads. While these elements are definitely necessary, you need to make sure you present everything in a way that’s palatable to users. Use adequate spacing and clear graphical cues to let the readers know what’s what and to allow them to focus on the main content.