Platform trucks are used by customers and employees at many big box stores as well as nurseries. These carts are helpful for moving a variety of weighty items including drywall, plywood, stacks of tile and even large potted plants. Many employees use platform trucks to transport these and other items out to the parking lot of the store. Oftentimes, they are available to customers who want to purchase a young tree in a pot or several flats of flowers. Naturally, when a store owner purchases a platform truck or a team of them, he or she wants to end up with the best possible product. Consider three features to look for when purchasing a new platform truck.

A Sturdy Handle

A sturdy handle is one of the most important features on a platform truck. A sturdy handle gives customers and employees alike control over the movement of the truck. Plus, if the person needs to stop the platform truck, he or she should be able to pull on the handle and stop the truck’s movement right away. A handle that is both strong and flexible is a desirable feature for a platform truck.

Wheels That Can Handle Any Terrain

The wheels on a platform truck are also worth close examination. Pneumatic casters are ideal for platform trucks. These casters allow the truck to move smoothly over many types of flooring and even the cement surface of a parking lot. Plus, these casters make it easy to turn the truck in order to move between cars or around corners when necessary. Durable casters are a must-have for any platform truck that is used dozens of times a day in many types of weather.

Ease of Use

The owner of a store should look for platform trucks that are easy for anyone to use. This means that a petite woman should feel just as comfortable pushing the platform truck as a man who is over six foot tall. When customers are able to use platform trucks with ease they are more likely to return to the store next time they need to purchase home improvement or garden supplies.

A platform truck that is well-maintained should last for years. So, it’s worth a store owner’s time to look for quality platform trucks and consider them an investment in the business.