Why Investment in Audio Always Makes a Huge Difference to Your Event

You may think that the visuals and the content make all the difference at an event, but consider how you would feel about the event if you couldn’t properly hear. Audio is often taken for granted when planning and executing events, but it is a crucial component that should not be left to chance.

If you don’t invest in your audio, much of your investment in visual displays and video will be completely wasted. But what does it mean to invest in audio? Does it mean spending more? It usually means spending more wisely. Read on to find out how audio helps your event become a success.

Plan Audio Systems at the Start of a Project 

Ideally you should consider both audio and video at the same time when you are planning your audio visual requirements (the fact that the term is audio visual should be a big giveaway). And these should be planned at the same time you are designing the layout of the room and the content of the event. It helps to set up audio at the same time as room design since the floor, the chairs, the décor and other aspects will all affect the sound quality in the room.

Work With Professionals

Unless you are absolutely sure of your own expertise in audio it is essential to work with AV professionals. Project management can come alongside AV Rental or you can hire separate technicians. Know that the audio set up requires some technical input in the centre of the system to handle sound quality and make sure that remote transmissions are working. You may be able to set up the sound systems but it is usually more difficult to adjust the sound so that it is working at optimum capacity.

Microphones Affect Success

Different types of microphone influence how you will be able to use a room. Single mics will only pic up sound from a limited range. And the position of the microphones affects how much valuable content you hear as opposed to background noise. Wireless microphones have many advantages in terms of safety, effectiveness, and aesthetics.

High Volume Doesn’t Equal High Quality

It is a mistake to assume that high volume means that the sound will be effective. You may be blasting sound at the participants in the front row but they will be unable to hear it properly. You need to make sure that different speakers send the audio to different places in the room at the required levels. Every space is different and has its own acoustic challenges, meaning that the system must be tailored effectively to the space in question – there is no one-size-fits-all in audio for events.


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