Healingfit, the first earbuds in the world to care your mental health

Modern individuals work too much and spend too much time using electronic devices like smartphones, which quickly burns out and stresses out their brains.

The quality of sleep, which has a significant effect on everyday activity, may deteriorate if the tension on the brain is not appropriately eased. Anxiety and depression may also be present, along with memory and concentration problems. In the current world, controlling mental stress has become crucial to preserving a high standard of living.

Do you experience stress? Having difficulty concentrating, feeling anxious, or not getting enough sleep? Here is the perfect answer for you. The first bone conduction earbuds in the world that care about mental wellness, Healingfit.

Endorphin is the cure for both physical and emotional sickness

Did you know that the majority of physical and mental illnesses are correlated with low levels of the hormone known as endorphins? Endorphins are substances that improve feelings of wellbeing by lessening pain perception. Healingfit uses transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and therapy music to release endorphins. Healingfit uses acoustic wave and micro electric stimulation to stimulate the surface of the brain in order to activate endorphins. The activation of endorphins has advantageous effects on the brain. Antidepressant effects, stress-relieving effects, better sleep quality, recovering moods, and increased user productivity at work/study are a few examples. You can use Healingfit when you have trouble falling asleep, want to increase the quality of your sleep, need to relax from stress, want to enhance your focus and memory, or simply want to feel less anxious. It may sound dangerous considering Healingfit is a brain-stimulating technology. Don’t worry.  The FDA officially registered Healingfit. FDA has validated its reliability and safety.

Use one of the three modes that suits your purpose of use

The three operating modes for Healing Fit are sleep, healing, and study. Acoustic wave energy and TES brain stimulation, according to each mode, activate brain waves. While the sleep mode is aided in getting a good night’s sleep, the healing mode harmonizes your mind and body and promotes peacefulness. By enhancing your concentration, choosing study mode may enable you to learn and work more efficiently.

Healingfit, the secure, cozy, and water-resistant earphones

Hearing aid wearers can use Healing Fit without worrying about their hearing being harmed because it is a bone conduction earphone and does not hurt the ear or eardrum. It also complies with Bluetooth 5.0’s most modern specifications, enabling you to simply connect to electronic devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones and listen to music. It is practical to use even when exercising thanks to its water-resistance function because sweat won’t soak into the product. Additionally, it offers the best fit for the human body, enabling anyone to comfortably wear it, regardless of age or gender.

Healingfit is now available on Kickstarter

You will pay a fortune to see a psychiatrist for a sleep disorder, stress treatment, or concentration issue. Healingfit’s price is incredibly fair considering how accessible it is and how it can be used at anytime, anyplace. Additionally, it is exclusively available via Kickstarter and is now on a special discount. Visit Kickstarter today to learn more about Healingfit.