3 Best Apps for Small-Business Owners

Being a business owner isn’t like any other job in the world because it comprises of several jobs at once — accountant, manager, human resources, and overseer. The work never really stops and it can get quite overwhelming for your average small business owner. Luckily, with the use of some apps all these jobs can be made much easier. Apps in themselves have vastly changed how we live. They help track our fitness, keep in touch with family and friends and even help run our small businesses. As a small business owner, there are hundreds of apps you might find useful. However, here are three of the best.

1. Gusto:

Gusto is designed to be both your mini accountant and your tax attorney. This app manages and tracks your entire employee payroll and lets you know just how much each employee is being paid per month along with benefits awarded. Not only that, Gusto also comes in handy in the tax department. It automatically makes deductions from employee salaries for taxes and if a new employee is taken on, it automatically reports it to your local tax authority. On top of all this, it also files your taxes on your behalf. Needless to say, Gusto is the ultimate money manager for a small business.

2. Slack:

Managing a small business often means overseeing several projects and channels of communication with various team members on individual timelines and requirements. This all can get quite confusing, but thanks to Slack, it’s now much easier. Slack is a tool that helps manage messages between various team members on separate channels. There are general conversations which everyone can contribute to as well as individual channels for specific people. It is also quite useful for sharing files, images, and other documents. People who make use of slack have the advantage of less clutter in their email and less confusion when working on multiple projects.

3. Clear:

As a small business owner, you might regularly find yourself inundated with all the various tasks and deadlines that need your attention and this can even lead you to inadvertently forgetting some tasks while trying to get others done. This app allows you to compile all your pending tasks in a list format. The tasks can be organized in the order of importance. This keeps them organized and easy to reference for later. When a task has been completed, it can be knocked off the list with a single swipe. The outlay of the app is easy to understand and use.
Running a small business can prove to be difficult, and often many business owners find themselves physically and mentally drained. Fortunately, we are in an ever-changing world where everything is being made easier by technology.  From apps that can manage a businesses finances to apps that manage owners day to day tasks, running your small business is getting easier and easier by the day.