What are the highest grossing online gaming sectors?

When it comes to gaming in all its shapes and forms, one thing has affected the whole industry – the rise of online play. Since the internet arrived, gaming has slowly changed over time to adopt digital and online methods for players to enjoy gaming. While online gaming as a whole may seem like one beast, it is actually made up of different niches that contribute to its current massive success.

But which sectors within online gaming generate the most cash?

Mobile gaming

One of the biggest hitters currently is mobile gaming online. Most people have smartphones or tablets and the advanced tech inside makes it possible to game via the internet when on the move. This not only makes gaming more convenient but also makes waiting for friends or commuting to work more fun. In 2018, mobile gaming generated over $70 billion which is a staggering amount.

Online casino games

Another very popular niche within online gaming is gambling at online casino sites. Widely seen across Europe in recent years, it is now starting to be seen in American states like New Jersey. It is easy to see the attraction – playing casino games online is not only exciting but also super convenient from your home PC or laptop. If you live in New Jersey and fancy trying it out, check out the bonusseeker site for information on the top online casinos to use. Recent estimates peg online gambling worldwide around the $50 billion mark of which online casino play makes up a large proportion.


One of the fastest growing sectors within online gaming is this one. It sees teams of professional players battle it out at online (and sometimes offline) tournaments with spectators viewing via online platforms like Twitch. This sector is currently worth over $1 billion annually and has seen a 27% growth in 2019. Many think this way of playing and watching video games online will only continue to grow as more money comes into the sector.

Online video game play

Of course, you don’t have to be a pro eSports player to enjoy video games online. Online play from consoles or PC’s remains popular and generates billions each year. Figures show that in 2018, online PC play made $35.7 billion while online console play made $12.7 billion. The biggest story in this genre recently has been the success of Battle Royale title ‘Fortnite’ which made over $2 billion in revenue for the online gaming sector alone!

Online gaming is set to grow

When you add together everything made by the popular niches within online gaming, the revenue generated overall is colossal. Many industry experts think this is set to continue as we get used to playing games this way and start to demand it more. Ever advancing tech will also play its part to make online gaming even more amazing in the future. If you haven’t given online play a go yet, now might be the time before you are left behind.