Countdown of The Best Streaming Services Right Now

Television is not what it once was and since the arrival of the internet and streaming services, we now watch television in a very different way than we ever have done. These days, watching TV is far simpler, we watch what we want, whenever we want, and we pay a small monthly fee in order to do so. There are many options for those looking to stream their TV programs and today we are going to look at the best of the bunch. All of these streaming services have a wide range of programs, from over 60’s favourite TV shows, to cutting edge modern dramas, whatever you are looking for, these are the best places to go and stream them.


Netflix is probably the king of the hill regarding streaming services, and it is certainly the most popular on the market. Netflix allows you to stream from the service on your TV and your mobile devices and comes with a very low cost of just $7.99 for the basic subscription. What sets Netflix apart is that it gets the biggest TV shows and movies but also it has started to make its own original content, most of which is brilliant.


We all know that Amazon is about far more than just streaming videos, but they do this aspect of their business very well. Amazon Prime customers will not only get great delivery options but they will be able to stream videos for free as well. The only thing letting Amazon down is the size of their collection, although they have been investing in getting their own shows such as the Grand Tour. Non Prime members will have to pay $8.99 per month for a subscription, and are limited to streaming on just 2 devices.


Hulu is probably the closest to Netflix in terms of popularity and value, and there is definitely a compelling case to use this service. Like Netflix, Hulu charges just $7.99 per month, with an option to pay $40 per month to also gain access to live TV, offering over 50 worldwide channels. Hulu has a huge library and also offers a DVR option, furthermore, unlike Netflix you will not have to wait long for new episodes of your favorite series to come out, Hulu likes to keep bringing them thick and fast. The downside to Hulu is that whilst the basic package is well priced, if you want all of the bells and whistles like split-screen viewing and pairing multiple devices, you will be looking at quite a hefty monthly cost.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV may not be able to compete with the big boys of Netflix and Amazon, but their free service is the perfect place for streaming newbies to get started, and see what all of the hullaballoo is about. Pluto TV not only gives you access to lots of live TV channels, they also have a well stocked library of old movies and TV shows, as well as some new offerings, just waiting for you to stream.

Do you stream TV? Which is your favorites service? Let us know in the comments below.