Looking for Your Next Interior Set Piece? Check out T-GRAM!

Set the mood with your very own holograms. T-GRAM launches this June on Kickstarter.

The professional hologram enterprise, Hellogram (Atechnet, INC.),” will be launching their hologram display interface, “T-GRAM,” on Kickstarter this June.

At first, T-GRAM’s design seems innocuous. There’s a glass panel, placed diagonally between two classic wooden panels on the top and bottom of the device. It’s a minimalistic design that’s executed well.

Oh, did we mention that T-GRAM also projects holograms?

With T-GRAM, you can project all kinds of holograms to fit whatever interior vibe you’re looking for. There are holograms to help you destress and relax, which can help set the mood for a yoga studio. If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, you can set up a wintery snow globe hologram, or a cozy fireplace hologram. There’s also a host of custom holograms on T-GRAM’s hologram creation platform, plus exclusive Kickstarter holograms provided to backers free of charge for supporting the campaign.

T-GRAM’s custom hologram platform, STARRAY, is where you can find all kinds of custom hologram content. On STARRAY, there are holograms made by creators from all around the world that you can project in your T-GRAM kit. You have to become a member to access the STARRY platform, but Kickstarter backers are automatically given free membership. Backers are also given free access to the platform’s future paid contents, too.

Want to make your own holograms? Just use the 3D hologram creation platform, XR Maker – provided free of charge to Kickstarter backers. You can use XR Maker to create your own custom holograms with an assortment of custom assets and templates. Hellogram is just getting started with a 3D photo slide template only, as the app is still in its beta version. Once the XR Maker app has launched, new templates are expected to be provided via regular updates.

If you’ve been holding on to some old tablets that you just can’t get rid of, then you’re in luck! T-GRAM will let you upcycle your old devices. As long as you have a smart device that can open an app and has a functioning display, it’ll go great with T-GRAM! Interior design always feels much better with upcycled products.

T-GRAM is coming to Kickstarter this June, where backers will get exclusive stickers for even more customization.