Is Opening a Restaurant in Your Plans?

Does the thought of opening up a restaurant fit with your career plans?

For many considering such a move, they should know all the time and effort that will go into such an operation.

The bottom line is there are no shortcuts if you want to open and run an eatery.

Although there will be long hours and days where you wonder why you got into this, the rewards can be great.

So, is opening a restaurant in your plans?

Make a Checklist of All You Will Need to Do

For your restaurant plans to have the best chance to succeed, remember these pointers:

1. Money – Above all else, do you have the funds needed to open a restaurant? Unless taking over an eatery run by family or someone else close to you, you’re going to need startup cash. From securing the location and being able to afford the rent to buying materials, you will have a lot on your plate. Oh, don’t forget the money needed to pay the employees you will have to hire. Last, you will need funds for marketing your restaurant. Yes, the money can add up rather fast.

2. Equipment – Look at everything from stoves and dishwashers to refrigerators and more. Now, what do you do if one or more pieces of equipment break down during a busy day? Making sure you have a backup plan in place is essential to avoiding major hassles. If one or more pieces of equipment go down, do you know where to go for help? One of your biggest fears would be if one or more of your refrigerators stop working. The thought of food spoiling and profits slipping away can be quite upsetting. Ordering O-rings for your refrigeration needs to fixing your stoves can crop up. As such, make sure you work with the best suppliers and professional repair people. They can help you out when your kitchen is not running at full capacity.

3. Staff – You can’t run a restaurant without the right employees in place. With that in mind, don’t skimp during the hiring process. For example, although hiring waiters and waitresses may not seem like such a big deal, it is. Keep in mind that these folks are often the first impression your customers get of your place. As a result, you want professional and personable individuals handling such duties. Also make it a point to hire the right kitchen staff. Imagine a restaurant being able to stay in business for very long if the chef is not good at what he or she does.

4. Marketing – Last, don’t think you can get by without marketing your new restaurant. Unless you take over an eatery that has been around for decades, you have some work on your hands. The best way to market your restaurant is to provide guests with great food and top-notch service. When you do both of those, the restaurant can market itself to a large degree.

If opening a restaurant is in your plans, will you cook up success?