DIY or Hire it Done:  Why Your Business May Need a Marketing Professional to Get Moving

Many businesses — especially those that are recent startups with inexperienced leadership — struggle to gain traction in their early years. They might have amazing products and services and good people in place to create and sell them, but their failure to effectively market those goods results in low sales numbers and products sitting in warehouses, taking up space and collecting dust.


If your company is struggling to move product out the door, then you might find that hiring a marketing professional can help you spot where the problems lie and make necessary changes to increase your profits. Below are four ways that an outside marketing firm can help you get your sales on track.

1. Give You Fresh Perspective

The first benefit you’ll get when you hire a marketing consultant is that you’ll get a fresh set of eyeballs on your operation. When you have the same people looking at the same processes every day, it’s easy for your team to get stuck in the same old patterns of seeing and thinking. Getting someone from the outside to observe and make suggestions can help you achieve some breakthroughs. Sometimes the problems are hiding in plain site, and it just takes an outside perspective to spot the elephants in the room.

2. Train Your Team in Using New Technologies

The entire marketing industry is changing at a rapid pace thanks to the evolution of digital technology and the internet. Remember a decade or two ago, when you used to joke that there were 12-year-olds who knew more about technology than you did? Well, those 12-year-olds are all grown up now. They earned college degrees in internet marketing, and today they have jobs with top marketing firms. Maybe you should talk with some of them about how they can help you grow your business?

3. Discover Better Ways to Reach Your Target Demographic

Today’s marketing professionals have their finger on the pulse of today’s markets. They have mountains of data at their fingertips to help them — and you — understand how consumers in your target demographic are making purchasing decisions. Marketing pros at the top of their field see many of the same mistakes being made in digital and offline marketing, and they can help you quickly implement changes that can drive results.

4. Coordinate Every Step of Your Sales Channel

All of your marketing efforts online and through other forms of media can be on point, but if there is a bottleneck at some point along your distribution and sales channel, then your numbers are going to suffer. An experienced channel marketing firm can analyze your entire channel and figure out where improvements need to be made.

For example, Winn Technology Group channel partner marketing programs make it easier for businesses like yours to coordinate and move your product from the manufacturing stage, through various distribution and wholesale channels all the way through retail stores to the final purchase by the consumer. It’s essential to optimize every step along the channel to maximize sales across the board. And communicating with your channel partners, supporting them logistically and training them to effectively sell your products is easier to accomplish when you have all your data in one place.

The internet and digital technology are rapidly evolving, and they are also changing the way that people buy and sell goods. Those changes require marketers to evolve as well to take advantage of new trends and technologies that can help them push sales to higher levels, so hiring marketing pros who excel at their profession can make a huge difference in your company’s profitability.