Types of Fleet Cameras

For any company that runs a fleet of vehicles, there is a multitude of tech which can be introduced to help the business run better. One aspect of this for example is GPS technology, which so many companies are using to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business. Another relatively recent advancement in technology is cameras which can be used on the vehicles in the fleet, and which provides a range of benefits to the drivers and the business.

Here we look at what exactly those benefits are, and what kind of fleet cameras are available for all companies which run a fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Cameras

Dash cameras and other cameras for the fleet are placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, as well as possibly at the rear and on the sides of the vehicle. These cameras are great for increasing driver safety and they also offer improved security. As a result of the use of these cameras, businesses can monitor driver behavior, identify any thieves or someone who has committed criminal damage, and identify fault should there be an accident. The use of these cameras is also great for reducing insurance premium costs for the business.

Dual Cams

A dual cam, such as the VCAM 2-Camera offered by Netstar, features the front facing camera but also an interior camera which captures activity inside the cab. This helps companies to monitor and manage driver behavior. This interior camera has been shown to improve how the driver manages the vehicle and increase their levels of focus.

Forward Facing

The aim of forward facing dash cams is to capture any collisions, these cameras are placed on the windshield and they have a single lens which monitors the road in front of the vehicle.

Exterior Cameras

These cameras offer a full view all around the vehicle, this is the perfect option for any companies which are facing too many incidents occurring from the side of the vehicle. This is a perfect option when it comes to showing that the driver of the company vehicle was not at fault for a particular collision, saving the company money.

Rear Facing Cameras

Over half of all collisions on the road between two vehicles are rear end collisions, which is exactly why this rear camera is a great addition to the company vehicle. In almost all cases of rear end collisions, the fault is that of the driver behind, which these cameras will be able to easily prove.

Cargo Cam

If companies with a fleet have expensive cargo they may also wish to place interior cameras in that part of the vehicle in order to increase safety. Should anything happen with the cargo, the camera will be able to show exactly what has taken place.

These cameras are managed remotely by the fleet management company, and they will beam data back to the office for improved management of drivers, and to ensure the safety of the driver, the vehicle and the cargo which is being carried. For a small investment businesses can easily ramp up their security and save money on their insurance too, a real no brainer.