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How to Help Your Customers With GPS Tracking Technology

When you run a car rental company it can be hard to sell customers the necessary extras which they will need for their journey. The general consensus which many customers have is that the extras are nothing more than money makers for the rental agency, but the reality is very different. Whilst the likes of baby seats and GPS tracking devices do come at a cost, that is very much there to cover the cost of offering it them. 

The truth however, especially when it comes to the GPS tracking technology which customers can use, is that it will very much enhance their rental experience and offer them a range of benefits which they will be able to count on. Regarding GPS in particular, here is how rental companies can in fact help their customers with this additional extra. 

Mapping Out Routes

In its simplest form GPS tracking is there to help with routes, the perfect option for those driving in parts unknown. Getting from A to B is not always easy, and so paying the extra for the GPS tracker means that customers can get the fastest routes in real time. This not only help them find their location, but will also help them to avoid any traffic which may have built up.

Keeping Customers Safe

Something which many customers fail to realise is that through the use of GPS tracking their location can be instantly found using software from back in the rental office. This means that if they happen to get lost or they find themselves in a situation where they have broken down, they can be found very quickly indeed. On the one hand this will ensure that the customers are not involved in any sticky situations, and on the other hand it may in fact save lives. Let’s say that a customer is traveling alone and happens to have an accident, the lack of movement will create a notification for the rental office. This is a safety feature which is well worth the investment. 

Saving Money

No rental car customer wants to get involved in an incident and have to pay for additional insurance costs. Even if this should happen however, there are of course more costs associated with car theft than basic damage. Thanks to the use of GPS tracking technology however, not only is the vehicle less likely to be stolen, but it is more likely to be retrieved if it is. This means that customers will be paying far less for the claim should the car get stolen and found, versus if the car has to be completely replaced. There are often insurance discounts too for customers who do decide to pay for the tracking device, because of these benefits which are offered. 

As you can see, the sale of the additional feature of a GPS tracking device is really about helping your customers out, rather than looking to make money from them. This is something that your customers need to understand when they are renting a vehicle from you.