Small yet powerful, PUM

Why a massage gun can live up to its name – It really hurts your body

As the number of massage gun users increases, the frequency of injuries among users who do not fully understand the safety precautions is increasing. If not carefully used, it becomes very harmful. A painful muscular strain can result from overstretching a muscle. Overworking your muscles or making sudden, incorrect movements are common causes of strain. The strong pulsation of a massage gun may cause you to strain your muscles. When you damage a ligament or muscle, you have a sprain. And just like strains, they are triggered by sudden movements or overstretching muscles. You also can experience a sprain if you misuse the massage gun. In addition, if the massage gun is used too strongly, blood vessels may be injured and many kinds of side effects such as fracture, inflammation, and muscle fiber damage may occur. Since the massage gun uses intense vibrations to massage the body, severe injuries are caused. Isn’t there another option to have a massage at anytime, anywhere?

Small yet powerful, PUM

PUM is a high-performance, portable device that allows users to recover their muscles at anytime and anywhere. It uses both ultrasound and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to recover the damaged muscles. The same 1 MHz ultrasound therapy used in physical therapy clinics, which penetrates deeply into the skin, is used in PUM to cure pain and damaged muscle more effectively. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), which also called as e-stim or electrostim, provides modest electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or manipulate nerves to reduce pain. When using ultrasound or EMS, PUM also offers a free hypoallergenic moisturizing cream to improve penetration and lessen friction (Aloe gel can be used as a substitute). Since it has compact size and very light-weighted, PUM provides a high portability. Also, PUM is wireless and because of its headphone shaped design, you can just put it over your neck, knee, elbow or anywhere it can be put on and do any activities you want simultaneously – For example, reading a book, work, study, watch movie and so on. 

PUM helps you with your finances

PUM will help your budget if you are getting at treatment for your neck. Many people in these days suffer from neck pain since they spend most of their time in the office and school. Additionally, amount of time people spend on using electric devices including mobile phone and tablet PC significantly increased. These factors resulted bad postures in daily life and many people now suffer from Forward Neck Posture (FNP). The term “forward neck posture” describes when the body’s default posture became as the neck protruding forward. Your head feels around 5 pounds heavier for every centimeter your neck is extended forward. Accordingly, those with the most severe cases of FNP have excess weight of up to 30 pounds. Long-term FNP can result in severe limitations to a enjoy everyday life, including headaches, muscle tiredness, arthritis, diminished lung capacity, and more. To treat FNP, people visit physical therapy that might cost up to 500 dollars an hour. You can save money on physical therapy visits since PUM’s 1 MHz ultrasound directly massages the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) and the back of the neck, relaxing tight muscles and assisting the SCM in returning to its former length. It also saves your time to visit the therapist as well.

Search PUM on Indiegogo now

PUM is now available on the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. There are discounts that are only available on Indiegogo, so if you are interested in the product, search PUM on Indiegogo. It will be worth a visit.