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Give the hose to one firefighter to manage. The best Smart Nozzle for firefighter: FINO.

928 people were protected by one firefighter in the USA – volunteer numbers were not included (measured in 2017 by CTIF, International Technical Committee for the Prevention and Extinction of Fire). Firefighters put their own lives in danger to protect people from the threat of an unforeseen fire. They give their everything to keep us safe. They do, however, constantly struggle with a labor shortage.

What about the equipment they use? Their fire hose is different from the hose we use for our gardens. It takes a lot of physical strength to control fire hoses, which is extremely challenging. However, what if a firefighter finds him/herself in the situation when the hose must be controlled entirely by him/herself as a result of the reduced number of firefighters?

The smart nozzle of the twenty-first century. Take a look at the technologies.

The Smart Nozzle, created by the business FINO, removes all torque when a large volume of water is blasted out of the hose. They have a patent technology that enables a nozzle to use a specialized water pressure controlling cartridge to entirely remove any upward torque. This enables one firefighter to handle the hose because only the straight reaction force needs to be controlled, leaving the downward reaction force to the nozzle. Additionally, it decreases the reaction force by around 30% and assists in minimizing a firefighter’s exhaustion when spraying water.

Time to care about you and your neighbors!

Even if an unpredictable incident only infrequently happens, being prepared always helps. Imagine having a nozzle at your home, place of work, industry, farm, etc. As was already mentioned, a firefighter is responsible for the safety of 928 people. When you discover the fire and dial 911 for an emergency, firefighters might not be immediately available or the distance between your location and the fire station might be too far. To avoid this terrible situation, you need to find the closest fire hydrant, and buy a hose, and FINO Smart Nozzle.

Offering this Smart Nozzle to a brave firefighter is also another way you can support and pay back to your local community. Your local fire station, which is experiencing a manpower shortage, will undoubtedly benefit from your contribution of the nozzle, whether you do it entirely on your own or by raising funds from your neighbors.

You may get a FINO Smart Nozzle on Indiegogo.

FINO’s Smart Nozzle was recognized for its accomplishments in exhibitions including USA FDIC, Hannover intershutz, and 2022 Fire Expo Korea after obtaining various performance reviews. They presented their prototype on those exhibitions. In order to assess the effectiveness, they also offered free distribution of their prototypes to Korean fire stations; the results were great.

Why not prepare for an unexpected threat to protect your health and safety at a far lower cost than you would normally pay? How about expressing to your community your genuine compassion for them as well? Visit Indiegogo and type “FINO” to discover more.