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Metaverse game and exercise at once! DETS BIKE Pro

People considerate exercising as a mandatory part of their life despite the hardness. The more effort you put into exercise, the more physical strength you gain. But it is not easy to do so consistently. And the fact that there are many articles about “how to make exercise fun” proves how difficult to maintain the consistency in exercise. Lots of exercise equipment and services come up with different ideas on how to keep users motivated and not give up. Would you believe if there is an exercise equipment with online gaming features to make your workout interesting?

World’s first metaverse gaming indoor bike, DETS BIKE Pro

DETS BIKE Pro is an indoor bicycle infused with functions such as cycling in the metaverse that could probably be the most trending fitness product out there in the market right now. The key strength of this product comes from being able to turn a repetitive and hard exercise into an exciting game and maintain the level of consistency.

The synergy isn’t always right when you just combine contents and exercise. Yes, you could benefit from overloading contents of workout tutorials and follow the instructions, but do you really find them intriguing enough to make you feel less tired? DETS BIKE Pro has adopted the metaverse gaming as an effective tool to completely immerse you in indoor cycling.

This product is unique in shape compared to an ordinary indoor bicycle. Each side of the handlebars has different colors. If you sit on the saddle, you can feel as if you are sitting in front of a console game. This unique design provides a perfect environment for users to concentrate while enjoying the game and exercise at the same time. While it features normal cycling workout, you can immediately switch to gaming mode through the interface in front of you.

Build strength while clearing stages!

You are about to enter the adventure stage with DETS BIKE Pro. It features 28 different stages of games. Find your favorite stages from Adventure Mode, Training Mode, Multiplayer Mode, to Boss Battle Mode.

Each stages get gradually harder which makes the whole experience more interesting. This also means that variety of riding skills are required from the users in order to successfully clear the stage in Adventure Mode. During this activity, you will use your whole body muscles and gain strength for thew amount of time you’ve been trying to clear the stages.

Connect and create a metaverse exercise network!

Have you ever hesitated on using an indoor bike because you have to exercise alone? Everything changes when you meet DETS BIKE Pro. Start connecting with users inside the metaverse network while building teamwork with them. Training Mode lets you compete with each other while Boss Battle Mode and Multiplayer Mode are recommended for clearing mission and stages with fellow users. Feel accomplishment through teamwork and experience a cycling exercise that you have never experienced before. Find out more about DETS BIKE Pro over at Kickstarter.