Using Tech to Return to Nature

When it comes to technology, it’s safe to say that tech has radically transformed the world around us. From Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, the forms of transportation AND the John Candy and Steve Martin Comedy, to smart phones, technology pervades every facet of our modern lives. This has plenty of tremendous benefits for the human race, of course. We often find that solutions to many of our problems are found within the tech sphere, from researching home remedies online to learning new skills via the internet. However, there’s a reason many of us decide to take some time off from modernity and seek refuge in the wilderness. There’s something inherently dehumanizing about technology. See: the debate about whether social media is better or worse for human communication, for example. For all of its benefits, technology is inherently lacking a connection to the natural world. That being said, there is plenty that tech can do to help us reconnect with nature ourselves.

First and foremost, let’s talk about luxury vehicles, and I’m not talking about high end cars. No, what I mean is vehicles that trade in pure recreation. One example is snowmobiles. While all transportation is firmly rooted in necessity, some vehicles are, at least today, reserved entirely for recreation. By looking at this video, it’s plain to see that the snowmobile is one such vehicle. Look at the way we use the speed and maneuverability that snowmobiles have as a result of their small size to performance impressive and visceral feats. There is a sort of artistry to these vehicles that can allow you to reconnect with nature by experiencing the snowy mountainside, but aided by modern tech. Likewise, jetskis meet many of the same criteria, but just trade snow for water. It’s a thrilling experience, either way, to kick up the water molecules, frozen or not, behind you as you move at breakneck speeds. Be careful and responsible, of course, but don’t forget to have fun.

Then, there are other outdoor activities that are aided by tech. The first example that comes to mind for me, and I bet many of you, as well, is camping. Camping is a time honored activity for modern humans, and for good reason. Unlike the above experiences, camping is a way to recreate the survival element of our distant past, albeit with far less danger, and have fun while doing it. Part of that reduction in danger is simply knowledge we gained from the ancestors who had to live this way, but another part of it is tech. Things like GPS, flashlights, matches, medical supplies, and many more items allow us to retreat to nature periodically to escape, if only briefly, the trappings of modern life, and all without (most of) the danger that once plagued our species. Technology is really good at solving problems. That’s a given. But, what we don’t always appreciate is the ability of tech to improve our lives in unexpected ways, and the way tech allows us to escape our modern, tech focused world, is truly incredible.