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Growing Your Small Business with Social Media Marketing

Small businesses today are under fire. What used to be there protected domain which is smaller customers usually in their local or regional markets, has now be upturned. Competition now comes at them locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally, and the competition if from all size business with budgets in some cases that dwarf that of a small business.

The world certainly has changed for small business, requiring them to change with it One particular area is marketing. Good marketing used to mean making sure your products or services got placed front and center with clients. Today good marketing has expanded to mean that you maintain a healthy and growing relationship with clients and position yourself to not only meet their needs, but to anticipate them as well.

For small companies who must often juggle tight resources and aim their efforts in a limited amount of directions, they need to be sure about which actions to take and which ones to ignore. Thankfully, new technologies and particularly the internet are around and are a vibrant area for small business allowing them to market in ways that today’s customers find appealing.

The smart small companies utilize the internet effectively and profit as a result. At the heart of every smart small business’s online marketing efforts is social networking because of the amazing benefits it can provide. Here some of those benefits:

Better Relationship with Your Customers

Social networks are where people come together to socialize, share stories and compare experiences. It represents that way that people congregate and gain knowledge about trivial and important topics. People come to social networks to meet up with friends and acquaintances and to ask their opinions and input about things that have heard about and are considering.

For a small business, this environment creates an ideal opportunity to for them to interact with customers in a meaningful and consistent way. Companies can engage with customers by building their own groups where they can present new products and services, highlights benefits and differences in their existing products, and answer questions and complaints in a way that shows their interest in getting things right with those who patronize them. When this is done correctly, social media leads to great relationship building and directly to increased sales and increased positive perception of their wares and their brand.

Targeting Your Specific Market is Simple

Social networking platforms collect valuable data on its members and small businesses can use this data to effectively target new customers more easily. The data social networks collect includes information about member behaviors, likes and dislikes, location, and habits. Based on this data, small businesses can create marketing campaigns specifically targeted toward their intended market. And the social network can segment out this target market for the small business.

Social networks also allow small business to have a great level of control over how their campaigns are disseminated. They can be aimed based on where members live or work, their education level, industry, the types of interests they have, things they like or spent time reviewing and many other categories. Armed with this data small businesses can have much more cost effective marketing campaigns.

The way for a small business to get the most out of social media marketing is to hire a company that specializes in managing social media campaigns. Companies like are effective at creating and managing strategies that produce real results. When a small business uses a company like, that company can market globally and compete with companies that have much larger marketing budgets.