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Identity Theft Thieves Love Technology

It should not come as a big surprise that many identity theft thieves love technology.

That said what steps as a consumer are you taking to reduce the chances you will become the next victim?

If not pro-active in the fight against theft, you run a risk of having your world turned upside down.

So, how will you use technology to your advantage and not the advantage of identity theft thieves?

Careful with Your Online Activities

One of the biggest gaffes you can make is not being cautious online with your personal info.

Whether you have a carefree attitude or you do not make the time to protect yourself, you could be exposing vital financial details for the entire world to see.

As an example, you get on an unsecured site to do banking or other personal financial endeavors. Before you know it, one has your banking info, Social Security number and other details. At that point, what do you do to stem the potential tide of damage?

Your best bet is to not let such a problem come to fruition in the first place.

With LifeLock services or another well-known brand, chances of being a victim go down. That’s because such companies invest a lot of time and money into staying one step ahead of criminals.

Remember, the thief does not even have to leave their home to cause you harm and havoc.

He or she gets on their computer and into your online banking account or other pertinent online info. Once they have such details, they can begin charging items to your credit card and more. Before you know it, your financial world is upside down.

Along with having a solid I.D. theft protection program in place, it is wise to observe the following:

· Giving out personal information – Co-workers and friends do not need your personal info. As an example, never allow one other than those you trust like a spouse to access your online banking site. There’s no reason to give such info to a friend or co-worker.

· Don’t use public computers for personal stuff – If you travel, do you use public computers at the hotels? Keep in mind that such computers may or may not be secure. If they’re not and you do online banking or other personal matters, you could be vulnerable to thieves.

· Update credit cards – Even if you only have one credit card, make sure it has updates to protect against theft. Many banks in recent years have gone to inserting chips in their cards. This makes it harder for thieves to get their hands on a consumer’s personal credit card info. If your card or cards are not updated, contact your financial provider.

As you use technology in your vehicle to protect you on the roads, use it at home to keep you safe from identity theft.

Remember, identity thieves would like nothing more than to make you their next victim.

So, will you in turn use technology to thwart the criminal?