Solvent Recycling Systems are One of Two Economical Ways for Companies to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste disposal can be an expensive and difficult process for a business, so having an in house option can offer security and peace of mind.  A solvent recycler is a great choice for in-house solvent disposal. Solvent recycling systems give companies that utilize solvents in their manufacturing or other processes, a chance to recycle and reuse these hazardous materials repeatedly saving them money and giving them greater peace of mind. The same can be said for the use of in-house incinerators. They are a wonderful option for several types of solid hazardous waste. These two in-house options offer technologies that meet government regulations and insure that the hazardous waste these companies produce never have a negative impact on the environment.

Solvent Recycling Systems

Companies can recycle some of the hazardous materials they use in their business. This methodology allows them to save money by using the same materials again and again, and to insure that the handling of hazardous materials is done responsibly. Industries that work with hazardous materials are overseen by government agencies who set regulations outlining that hazard chemicals must be disposed of or recycled properly so that they have no negative effect on humans or the environment.

One examples is industries that utilize solvents. These industries which include healthcare, automotive, and aerospace use solvents in critical processes to loosen, dissolve, extract or suspend other materials, typically without chemically changing the material or the solvent. The disposals of solvents is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and must be carried out to the letter or a company will face the risk of tines or other penalties. As a result, they pay close attention to how they dispose of solvents.

One option for solvent disposal is to hire a company specifically for this purpose. There are companies that will come to a business and collect any used solvents and dispose of them according to EPA guidelines. The most reputable of these companies have good track records for compliance, but if your business decides to hire one of these companies, you must be prepared to provide the large amounts of paperwork necessary to both comply with the EPA, and in making sure the company handling your clean up complies as well because your company is liable in the vent they do not fully comply.

A better option for businesses is to purchase your own equipment to recycle used solvent that results from your important business processes. Solvent recycling systems can be purchased and operated from your business giving you complete control over the process and saving you money. Solvent recycling systems sold by International Surface Technologies can reduce your solvent purchases by 90% and your solvent waste disposal costs by 95%. So in addition to costs savings your company can have peace of mind that you are also complying with federal regulations and protecting the environment.


Burning solid waste materials at extremely high temperatures can dispose of many toxic substances. Today there are incinerators that companies can purchase that are made specifically for the type of waste the company creates. They can be paced on site so the waste does not need to be carted anywhere thereby increasing security and complying with regulations. The biggest challenge when using an incinerators s that gases that they emit are normally toxic also. However new technology has introduced methods that can contain or eliminate these gas products as well. Using an in-house incinerator can save a company in costs for outsourcing waste.

These two approaches offer companies a chance to save on hazardous waste disposal, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance with strict EPA laws.