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Wix Art Store — A Great Tool for Artists to Sell Their Art Online

Wix has a hard-to-beat website builder solution for artists who want to present, market and sell their artwork online. It currently helps thousands of artists to create their own presence and worldwide art store on the web.

The art world is hotter than ever with paintings and sculpture selling for record amounts and auctions sales for art increasing year over year.

For the big name artists either dead or alive, who are lucky enough to get into an auction, times have never been better. The same can be said for those artists who can get into the big galleries. The gallery business is where artists seek to make a connection with fans and potential buyers, but the reality is that the marketplace is so hot right now, only the upper tier or rising fast artists get showings.

So how can an artist who has talent but no exposure gain any? Many artists choose to put their work up on websites marketing original or high quality reproductions of their work, or that superimpose their artwork on t-shirts, mugs and other things. However, many charge very high fees that are sometimes more than 50% of the sales price and you have to trust them with your artwork. For an artist who may not sell much art, this commission amount can make the difference between being a full time artist and someone doing it on the weekends.

Let Wix Help

Wix, the leader in DIY premium website creation can help artists to present, showcase and even market their art directly to potential customers. Only ten years ago this would have been a difficult option because of the complexities of building and managing one’s own online store. But thanks to companies like Wix who provides tools for the creation and management of a powerful e-commerce website, anyone can have their own website to present and market their art and their own online store to sell their art on the web.

Wix has specific tools for artists that make things simple and fast without demanding that an artist learn programming language or difficult to master website creation techniques.

Wix Art Store

The Wix Art Store is the right tool to make any artist and their work marketable on the web and to a worldwide audience. The design of the website is viewer-focused giving visitors a beautiful and complete presentation of the artist and his or her work. Artists can add high quality pictures of their work, video and even animations if it is helpful. The sites seamlessly navigate visitors toward the gallery and if there is an interest to purchase the art on the site, this process is also smooth and elegant.

Feature Display and Sell Your Art

Wix Art Store seamlessly fits within any Wix website and features the same easy and quick to build elements. Everyone has a great experience whether they visit the site from a phone, tablet or desktop. You as the artist, can track visitors and see which art they perused allowing them to determine how to position different art on your site. You can track customer purchases and understand behavior on your site, then follow up with e-mails and social media marketing allowing you to turn one sale into many. When it comes to packaging, shipping and payment processing, they are all built into the Wix Art Store. The idea behind Wix Art Store is to provide you a complete art shop giving you a range of features and benefits that help you to become more successful:

        Wix helps you to create your own customized and unique website and art store. Choose from dozens of layout and utilize different art, colors, graphics, fonts and creativity to make your website your own. 

        You can present your artwork in the highest resolution so visitors see your art the way you want.

        When you own your own art store, there are no commissions to pay, so all the revenue you generate is yours to keep.

        Most people will view your art from a mobile device. Your website and art store will render on mobile perfectly and visitors can view and purchase your art wherever they are and whenever they choose. 

        You centralize your sales activities and control how your work is presented. You can custom watermark your work for safety and create your own digital licenses giving the permissions you want to provide to those interested in using your art. 

        Wix connects your art store to a leading print-on-demand service allowing you to create and send copies of your art to anyone, anywhere around the world. This includes if it is in book form.

If you are an artist, your best choice to present and sell your work is to create your own Wix website with a Wix Art Store at its center. Wix gives you the tools to get this done in high quality and fast.