Hotmail Sign in by Mobile App or PC

Hotmail is a free web-based email system. It’s owned by Microsoft. Over the years, Hotmail went through many changes today it can be accessed by as the name Hotmail was replaced by Outlook in 2013. It’s a great email system with so many features. Hotmail provides you amazing storage space and features. It provides advance security as well.

Hotmail sign in process

If you want to access your Hotmail e-mails, you will have to follow the following process. We have explained it in easy steps below. The process is nothing completed and you will be able to complete it in no time as long as you follow the steps correctly.

  • Hotmail is known as several names including and The service and sign in process is same across the platform.
  • When you enter the user id and password on the Hotmail sign in page you will get access to your email account. It also give you access to many related accounts including Microsoft Office Windows, Xbox, MSN, Skype, Windows phone, Bing, OneDrive and Microsoft Store. When you go to the home page of Hotmail, you will see the logo of as they have renamed Hotmail as in 2013. To sign in, you need Hotmail live email or Hotmail id.
  • Are you using outlook through Hotmail mobile app or your PC? Well, then you don’t need to enter the login credentials every time as you record it in the device.
  • Are you a daily user of MSN, Microsoft, Skype or In that case you need to sign in to Hotmail every day.

Access email

How to access your email by sign in into the Hotmail account? Well, signing in is a really easy process. There is nothing complicated about it. Let’s take a look below.

  • Go to your browser (can be any browser including Firefox and Chrome). Then enter and you will be taken to the Hotmail home page.
  • You will have to enter your log in credentials there including email account and password. As for email account, all live account, account and Hotmail account will be accepted there. Enter the respective password in the password field.
  • If you are accessing Hotmail from your personal computer then you need to check the small box next to “keep me signed in” text. If you do so then your computer will remember your login credentials next time you attempt to sign in. However, if you are accessing your email from a public computer then you shouldn’t check this box as it is not safe.
  • If signing in returns an error then you might have entered the wrong email address or password. So, you need to check them again. Make sure that Caps Lock is not on accidentally. In case if you have forgotten the password then you can reset your password by accessing “forgot password” link.
  • When you give wrong sign in information, you will be asked to fill up an additional Captcha field where you will have to enter the text shown in an image. This is to ensure that you are a human and it’s not a robot trying to gain access to your account.


Types of web design in Bathurst

By now you know that websites vary in design, right? This is to say that clients must have an idea of the type websites they want. You want it tailored to your very needs, you need it basic or you just want it to create that critical visual impression, web design in Bathurst has it all!

There are 3 types of web designs. Depending on necessity, urgency or financial capacity clients can pick on just what suits their needs. Below are the web designs available in Bathurst:

  • Template design
  • Showstopper web design
  • Strategic web design

The template designs

These is the most common of web designs. In fact, most companies sell, the basic off-the-shelf designs. In terms of affordability, they are the best. You want it cheap and simple in functionality, this is the design to go for.

The structure is very basic; some logo, a photo of you are an image of your choice and some texts. Some links may be included. That’s all! Yet it still serves the purpose pretty well. You must have noticed the explosion in sales of template web designs online. Bathurst is not left out! It has plenty template web designers, all at your service.

Showstopper web design

This design is simply beautiful to the eye. It is sculptured with the client’s needs in mind. You need it downright impressive then the showstopper design is all you need.

The design appeals greatly to clients. The aesthetic and visual appeal attracts more visitors. Most of the visits end up as actual conversions. Only remember to tell the designer to do it just like you want it; impressive!

The strategic web design

This one is super in all aspects. It stands a notch higher than the showstopper and template designs. They are built on clear objectives depending on what the client wants. This could be for downloads, selling tickets etc.

It is purposely designed to meet certain goals. The strategic design is custom- built to improve on user interactions, sales and leads. They are tailored and focused on effectiveness.

The rich variety in Bathurst allows the client to choose what fits their needs. You want it template, showstopper or strategic, the choice is all yours to make.

What more with Bathurst web design?

Websites in Bathurst have more than what you expect. In addition to acting on your request, the designers provide you the following services:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content management systems

Search engine optimization

To get your site featuring well in the search results, optimization is mandatory. SEO costs often make maintaining a website very expensive. To cut down on this cost, Bathurst designers provides you a self-optimizing system. With this system, the client does the optimization all by themselves.

Content management systems

Unlike the usual manual method of deleting, changing or even adding fresh content to a site, the content management system makes it a lot easier to edit content on a website all by yourself.

Web design in Bathurst has it all. You need it affordable and yet very effective, look no further!